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Use this section to access the current and previous Moogsoft AIOps release notes. Each of these notes contains details about the following:

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Current release information: The latest release is Moogsoft AIOps 6.0.0 (12th April 2017)

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Headline Features


12th April 2017 Moogsoft AIOps V6.0.0
  • Improved UI/UX - New improved user interface with clearer workflow and visibility of metrics
  • Use of WebSockets - introduction of WebSockets will keep user sessions up-to-date and offers significant efficiency improvements

  • Mobile Version (Beta) - Moogsoft AIOps has a new mobile interface. This can be enabled in System Settings > Labs

  • Elasticsearch - Elasticsearch, which replaces Sphinx, will now be used to index data and provide search functionality

  • Nginx - Nginx, which replaces httpd, will now be used to provide static UI content and to act as a proxy for Tomcat

  • Syslog LAM - A new syslog_lam is now available which can support UDP, TCP and file monitor messages

  • Feedback Sigaliser (Beta) - Improvements have been made to the Feedback Sigaliser. The brain name now reflects the Situation it came from, users can edit existing brains and an import/export functionality has been added

Older release notes

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